Elder Climate LegacY


INVITATION:  Learn the basics of climate change science, the spiritual imperative to act, and how to advocate for change.

Christianity—and all the world’s major religions—call on people of faith to care for God’s creation.  The Climate Action Team at First Plymouth Church is offering anyone interested a chance to learn why climate change is a spiritual imperative, the basics of climate change science, and how to take action at the local, state and federal levels. 


First, at 7 pm, Thursday, October 29, learn why climate change is a spiritual imperative and the basics of climate science.  The presenters will be Nebraska’s most famous climate scientist, UNL Professor Emeritus Don Wilhite, and David Lux, Senior Pastor Emeritus at St. Paul’s UMC and part of the race for climate grace.


Second, at 7 pm, Thursday, November 5, learn the basics of advocacy at the local, state and federal levels.  By the end of the hour you’ll know what to say to an elected official, how to offer testimony for a hearing, and how to write a letter to the editor and otherwise engage the community.  Panelists will be former state Senator Ken Haar, UNL Student and Field Advisor for Our Climate Kat Woerner, and Lucas Sabalka, a member of the Lincoln Electric System Board of Directors and a climate advocate.


Both sessions are free and are Zoom only.  One registration covers both sessions.  Register to attend:  https://catclimatechange.eventbrite.com


These sessions are sponsored by the new First Plymouth Church Climate Action Team. 


Questions?  Contact Lorrie Benson at lorriebenson2@gmail.com


Mobilization of the wisdom, talents, experience, and resources of elders to influence and promote actions leading to a more sustainable environment for current and future generations.


As elder citizens of the Earth, we desire to serve as a catalyst in educating the public, opinion leaders, and decision makers regarding actions and policies that can effectively address critical environmental issues facing current and future generations.


To work in cooperation with cohorts and stakeholders to bring about legislative action to develop, fund, and implement a Climate Change Action Plan for Nebraska.  


To provide awareness, knowledge, and solutions on critical environmental issues to individuals, organizations, business/commerce, and communities.


Objective: Meet with individuals, elected representatives, educational and governmental officials, agricultural leaders, civic and social groups relating to climate action planning for Nebraska and associated issues.


Build an engaged movement of Nebraska’s Climate Legacy Elders to successfully work together to leave a more positive legacy for current and future generations.


Objective: Have a movement of 250 Nebraska Climate Elders passionately working to leave a positive legacy in this state for current and future generations—particularly through action in support of Goals One and Two.