Elder Climate LegacY


Mobilization of the wisdom, talents, experience, and resources of elders to influence and promote actions leading to a more sustainable environment for current and future generations.


As elder citizens of the Earth, we desire to serve as a catalyst in educating the public, opinion leaders, and decision makers regarding actions and policies that can effectively address critical environmental issues facing current and future generations.



To work in cooperation with cohorts and stakeholders to bring about legislative action to develop, fund, and implement a Climate Change Action Plan for Nebraska.  

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To provide awareness, knowledge, and solutions on critical environmental issues to individuals, organizations, business/commerce, and communities.


Objective: Meet with individuals, elected representatives, educational and governmental officials, agricultural leaders, civic and social groups relating to climate action planning for Nebraska and associated issues.


Build an engaged movement of Nebraska’s Climate Legacy Elders to successfully work together to leave a more positive legacy for current and future generations.


Objective: Have a movement of 250 Nebraska Climate Elders passionately working to leave a positive legacy in this state for current and future generations—particularly through action in support of Goals One and Two.

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Weather in the northern Great Plains, which include Nebraska, has long presented big challenges. Winters bring snow and ice. Tornadoes storm across the landscape. The semi-arid climate in western counties puts stress on the water supply, and conditions worsen when drou...

October 30, 2018

Despite warnings from numerous sources (including a 2014 report from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln), Nebraska has been complacent about planning for climate change.

Given its agriculturally based economy with its sensitivities to weather, Nebraska should heed the w...

October 16, 2017

Welcome to the Nebraska Elder Climate Legacy Initiative! We are excited about its potential. Many elders we talk to are troubled by the many challenges in today’s world that cloud the future of humanity. Because our grandchildren and their generation, are the bearers o...

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