Positive Steps on Climate Action

February 28, 2020

Last week there were positive steps in the Nebraska Legislature.


First, LB 283 was advanced from the Executive Committee for consideration by the entire Legislature. LB 283 would create a State Climate Action Plan.  The University of Nebraska would be given the task of overseeing the development of a climate action plan for the state.


On Friday, Senator McCollister named LB 283 as his priority bill, which means the bill will at least be debated by the Legislature. This is a positive step. However, we expect there will be resistance from climate deniers in the Legislature. We encourage you to contact your senator and ask him or her to support LB 283 as a positive step in addressing the causes and impacts of the climate crisis.


Here is a link to the Legislature’s web site if you want to find your senator’s contact information.



Here is a link to LB 283.



On Thursday, the Natural Resources Committee heard LR 294, the resolution developed through research and advocacy by students from Prairie Hill Learning Center. LR 294 reviews various climate-related findings and acknowledges the existence of an anthropogenic climate and ecological crisis. The students who put together the resolution provided stellar testimony. They were supported by a wide variety of individuals and organizations; 39 people testified in support of the resolution and the committee received more than 100 letters and emails in support.


Even though a resolution is mostly symbolic, it would be great if LR 294 were adopted this session, since climate change is rarely discussed by members of the Legislature, and it would be significant if they acknowledged the role of humans in causing it. Please contact the members of the Natural Resources Committee and ask them to advance LR 294 for consideration by the entire Legislature.


Natural Resources Committee Members:

Sen. Dan Hughes, Chairperson: (402) 471-2805, dhughes@leg.ne.gov

Sen. Joni Albrecht: (402) 471-2716, jalbrecht@leg.ne.gov 

Sen. Bruce Bostelman: (402) 471-2719, bbostelman@leg.ne.gov

Sen. Suzanne Geist: (402) 471-2731, sgeist@leg.ne.gov

Sen. Tim Gragert: (402) 471-2801, tgragert@leg.ne.gov

Sen. Steve Halloran: (402) 471-2712, shalloran@leg.ne.gov

Sen. Mike Moser: (402) 471-2715, mmoser@leg.ne.gov

Sen. Dan Quick: (402) 471-2617, dquick@leg.ne.gov


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