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Our Goals

Goal One

To continue working towards statewide action in funding, developing, and implementing a comprehensive Climate Change Action Plan for Nebraska in cooperation with cohorts and stakeholders.

  • Objective: Be a grassroots catalyst for a people’s movement across the state for meaningful climate action in Nebraska.     

Goal Two

To provide awareness, knowledge, and education on workable solutions to the climate challenge and related critical environmental issues, for individuals, business/commerce, faith communities, and other organizations.

  • Objective: Fully embracing our eldership role of leading by example through our lifestyles, our economic decisions, our teaching, our advocacy, and our presence in the policy arena. 

Goal Three

To promote and support the adoption of Regenerative Agricultural practices in farming and ranching operations across Nebraska and the nation in order to increase the profitability in agriculture while enhancing agriculture’s resource stewardship role and the environmental benefits it provides.

  • Objective: To work in cooperation with individuals, elected representatives, educational and govern mental entities, agricultural and business leaders, cohorts and stakeholders in successfully implementing the recommendations of the 2020 Nebraska Healthy Soils Task Force report.  

Goal Four

To provide voice to the voiceless, promoting climate justice as a necessary component of climate action efforts, recognizing that not only the unborn but also the most vulnerable in our world today are often affected the most by climate change while having the least ability to speak for themselves.

  • Objective: To work across all faith communities and other organizations in building a shared vision of moral rightness and responsibility for earth care and justice where all humanity and earth’s creation might flourish.                                                                      

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