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The Evidence Mounts!

In mid-March, Nebraska became the latest part of the world to experience a devastating natural disaster as a bomb cyclone tore and flooded more than 70 of the 93 counties. The dollar estimates of $1.3 billion of destruction continue to mount, while not even factoring in the loss of lives, and livelihoods of individuals, families, and whole communities.Governor Ricketts correctly described it as the “the greatest natural disaster the state has ever experienced!”

What has just happened should be a wakeup call to all Nebraskans that we are not immune from weather extremes, the likes of which we’ve never experienced before. And it’s time to act with prudent risk management AND mitigation measures!

But we are not alone! The planet itself continues to experience significant climatic change as discussed in some detail in the document: An Information Statement of the American Meteorological Society 4/15/2019. You can access the pdf of the report under the Resources and Publications drop-down menu at the top of the homepage or below!

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