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Who is this Greta Thunberg?

So…just who is this Greta Thunberg..? If you don’t know her already, you soon will know her as a 16-year old Swedish student who is speaking with a powerful voice to the whole world to wake up and deal with climate change while there’s still time. Her message; “our house is on fire and it’s time to act” is creating a global movement for action against the climate crisis. She is appealing to millions of youth to go on strike for our planet—a movement to be global walkout on September 20th 2019.

Her book--No One is Too Small to Make a Difference—is eloquently powerful in her own simple words. As a close friend who has a 16-year old granddaughter herself, said after reading it, “Greta’s passionate and her compelling wisdom touched my heart”.

As elders, we must always support and encourage our children and youth. AND in this instance, stand with them, with shared voices, for meaningful climate action.

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