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July 23 LB283 Debate

July 23, 2020 saw LB 283 up for first round debate in the Nebraska Legislature. The bill would have directed the University of Nebraska to develop an evidence-based, data-driven, strategic action plan to provide methods for adapting to and mitigating the impacts of extreme weather events or climate change. Thanks to Senator John McCollister designating it as his priority bill, it was allowed 3-hours of debate. Unfortunately, the bill fell victim to a successful filibuster focused on its original language of combating climate change. Those who opposed the bill called climate change “a hoax”, and the bill itself “telling people what to do and how to live—Big-Brother!” We attach here the final vote of the senators for your information, knowing that many of you would like to follow up with your senator’s vote and his/her reasoning behind it.

LB 283 vote July 23, 2020
Download PDF • 388KB


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