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Welcome to the Nebraska Elder Climate Legacy Initiative!

Welcome to the Nebraska Elder Climate Legacy Initiative! We are excited about its potential. Many elders we talk to are troubled by the many challenges in today’s world that cloud the future of humanity. Because our grandchildren and their generation, are the bearers of decisions (both good and bad) being made today, we are more driven than ever to be doing something to make a positive effect on the future. And by tapping into Elder Capital by organizing like this, we leverage our individual and collective impact even more.

So, what is our organizational approach? Quite frankly, it embraces our privileges and responsibilities as citizens—what is so appropriately captured by these words carved into stone above the entrance of to the Nebraska State Capitol:

“The Salvation of the State is watchfulness in the citizen.”

It is built on these elements:

  1. To mobilize a grass-roots movement of committed elder citizens to be responsible stewards of Earth’s resources and a “voice of reason”. That means we are not expecting paid lobbyists to represent us, but rather we are our own voice with our own personal story of why we so sincerely desire to leave a positive earth legacy.

  2. To follow a multi-faceted action strategy (see Our Guiding Principles section). As elders we can, and do, contribute in many and diverse ways. Sometimes, we just need to realize that.

  3. To partner with other organizations where synergistic outcomes are achievable. No, we don’t need to “reinvent the wheel”.

  4. To strive for a dynamic and evolving approach, always open to new ideas. This is not “top-down management”, but rather a “team effort” where the wisdom of every member is vital in determining our future direction. We’re all learning and evolving in this “movement” together.

  5. To celebrate both the process and accomplishment which encourages us and builds a sense of community. Yes, we all thrive when we are part of something bigger than ourselves, both giving and receiving mutual support.

  6. To pledge hope and persistence in the belief that the collective wisdom and dedication of elders today, locally, regionally, nationally, and globally, can help to change the course of human history. In essence, it’s embracing the words of Margaret Mead: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

We hope this gives you a better feel of this new fledgling effort, in its very early stages of development. And, we hope you are encouraged to learn more and, even join with us in building a powerful movement, both here in Nebraska and beyond.

By the way, we invite you to submit your own personal story in future blogs that will enlighten and encourage us all.


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