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Economic Decisions

“Factoring our economic decisions through the lens of the earth stewardship.”
  • Learn to make purchase decisions that are good of the planet – whether they are for short-term personal consumption or for long-term investment.

  • Send clear economic messages to business entities in every sector—that we support them with our patronage for being truly environmentally conscious; and accordingly, do not support those who are not being environmentally wise.


  • Be willing to pay more taxes for those legitimate public policy efforts that best support the sustainability of the planet's resources and promote climate justice.

  • Consider investment and disinvestment decisions to our financial portfolios that may run contrary to conventional financial strategy – but from the standpoint of stewardship of the earth, will be “the right thing to do.”

  • Give financial support to legitimate groups and organizations that are working toward finding answers to the problems challenging sustainability of the Earth's resources.

  • Re-evaluate our retirement wealth and estate planning:

    • Consider investing in more environmentally-prudent businesses.

    • Be willing to accept the possibility of lower rates of financial return in the short-term in exchange for investments in long-term planet sustainability.

    • Consider designating a percentage of our estates to organizations dedicated to planet sustainability and stewardship as the ultimate climate legacy for our grandchildren and the generations to follow.

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