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“Living simply that others may simply live.” 
-- Gandhi
  • Make decisions that can reduce our environmental footprint:

    • Reduce energy consumption in our homes and travel.

    • Make recreation and exercise choices that consume fewer natural resources.

    • Alter our diet towards foods that is both nutritious and sustainable.

    • Support locally-based agriculture to reduce the carbon footprint of transportation.

    • If possible, grow a garden and/or preserve garden produce.

  • Develop a personal and family appreciation for simple living that is not driven by media advertising or peer pressure.

  • Rediscover the more satisfying aspects of life that do not require large resource-consuming activity nor create undue harm to the environment.

  • Genuinely demonstrate a positive and healthy lifestyle that will encourage those around us to emulate.

  • Share with members of the younger generation the simple joys of a more holistic lifestyle and the logic of doing so.

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